Urgent Care Clinics or Walk-In-Health Clinics: When to Choose

Urgent Care Clinics

There are times when you know you need to see a doctor, but it’s too late to schedule an appointment at their office and your problem isn’t severe enough for you to make a trip to the emergency room.

Urgent care centers and walk-in clinics provide you with options that will ensure you get the treatment you need without having to schedule an appointment or wait in line at an emergency room. How do you know when you need them? Read on to know more about the features of urgent care clinics and walk-in-health clinics and when you need their services.

Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent Care Clinics
An urgent care clinic is a step-down from an emergency room. Following are the features of urgent care clinics:

  • They handle moderate to severe injuries and illnesses, such as high fevers, possible fractures, severe asthma attacks or upper respiratory infections.

  • They have the diagnostic tools to make an accurate diagnosis and can provide treatment options that will provide relief until you can make it into your primary care physician.

  • The doctors and nurses who work in urgent care facilities normally have experience working in emergency rooms and other types of emergency situations.

  • Urgent care facilities normally cost less than $200 per visit if you pay out of your own pocket.

Walk-In Health Clinics
These are the attributes of walk-in-health clinics:

  • A walk-in clinic is the best place for less serious issues like a sore throat, an ear infection, sprains, or deep cuts that aren’t stitch-worthy.

  • You can also go to a walk-in health clinic if you are seeking preventative medicine.

  • Most clinics offer vaccinations and may be able to help you keep a close eye on chronic health conditions that include diabetes and hypertension.

  • Because the type of cases treated at a walk-in health clinic are less severe, most are staffed by nurse practitioners and registered nurses who have experience working in a doctor’s office.

  • In some states, walk-in-health clinics may be able to fill prescriptions as well.

Walk-in- clinic or urgent care center are different from an emergency room which is basically meant for serious health problems. They both serve a purpose if you need medical attention in a hurry. Assess the level of your need to know when you need an urgent care or walk-in-clinic to receive the most suitable treatment.

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Advantages of Onsite Laboratory Investigations and Screening Services

Onsite Laboratory Investigations

When you require lab testing, you desire a location that offers convenient timings and quick results. Onsite laboratory testing and screening services not only minimize wait times for results, but also decrease the cost related to visiting different locations for lab work.

Onsite Laboratory Investigations

What Are Laboratory Services?

Laboratory testing and screening services use medical devices, designed for analyzing samples of blood, urine, different tissues, or materials drawn from the body. Laboratory services at Walk-In Clinics, offer an array of routine and specialized onsite testing and screening services along with clinical consultation. These testing services extend prompt support to practitioners in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and tracking of disease. Additionally, laboratory services support learning and training opportunities, as well as ongoing education for a wide range of medical professionals.

Laboratory Services at Walk-In Clinics

The Laboratory services at walk-in clinics offer access to an extensive laboratory testing menu that is not only cost-effective, but help you save time as you visit a convenient clinic location.

Here are a few of the laboratory testing and screening services that are offered on site:

  • TB Testing
  • Bladder Infection Testing (and Bladder Infection Symptom Treatment)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Testing
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Testing and Treatment
  • Strep Throat Testing
  • Herpes Testing
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD Testing)
  • DOT Drug Testing/Screening

Why We Need These Services

The application of clinical laboratory test outcomes in diagnostic decision making is an inherent part of clinical medicine. There are 4 primary valid reasons for considering a laboratory test:

  • Diagnosis (to include or exclude a diagnosis).
  • Monitoring (for example the impact of drug therapy).
  • Screening (for example for hereditary hypothyroidism through neonatal thyroxine testing).
  • Research (to learn about the pathophysiology of a specific disease process).

Each of the laboratory test results must be understood within the context of your overall health and should be utilized along with the remaining exams or tests.

Benefits of Laboratory Testing and Screening Services

On-site, comprehensive laboratory testing and screening services offer a convenient means for you to obtain your required test results as quickly as possible. Laboratory services at walk-in clinics generate these five major benefits for patients and practices.

  • Prompt Diagnosis -The ability to perform lab tests onsite and quickly access the results during a single office visit lets the clinicians diagnose or supervise a patient’s condition immediately.

  • Improved Patient Engagement – Patients who obtain their test results during a clinical visit and view the results firsthand are more inclined towards being better engaged with their treatment.

  • Timely Treatment Decisions – Getting lab results onsite at a care location supports a practitioner to start or adjust a timely treatment course for a patient with a chronic medical condition.

  • Faster Prognosis – With instantly accessible lab results onsite at a care location, physicians can immediately direct a deteriorating medical case towards an emergency room or hospitalization.

  • Behavioral Counseling Opportunities – Patients who view their onsite lab results can get behavioral guidance from physicians including modifications to their lifestyle, nutrition, diet, and more for managing their chronic health problems and maintain good health.

At 8-2-8 Urgent Care in Oceanside, we provide a wide range of medical care including walk-in clinics and multiple types of testing and screening services to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Our state-of-the-art facilities help us to extend our patients, the most convenient and prompt onsite laboratory testing and screening services.

What All You Should Consider When Choosing a Family Clinic

Family Clinic

A family care clinic offers easy access to prompt, affordable quality healthcare, medical expertise, and personalized care to your whole family. Besides providing urgent care for non-life threatening emergency situations, family clinics provide many other medical services including diagnosis, therapy and follow up for patients, extensive regular and preventative health care for seniors, adults, and children.

Family Clinic

The convenient hours of walk-in facilities, the experienced and skilled medical teams, and the individual attention make a family clinic the perfect place for your urgent medical requirements. With the aid of modern technology, a family clinic is able to provide comprehensive care to diagnose and treat your health disorders.

Not all family care clinics provide the identical range of services just when you require them. Before you select a service for your family’s medical conditions, ask yourself these key questions:

Where Are They Located?
For prompt medical aid, you can’t risk driving miles to reach a family clinic. You must ensure it is convenient and close to your location.

Do They Have Convenient Hours of Operations?
Make sure you choose a family urgent care clinic that is open on weekdays, weekends, and on holidays. Look for a clinic having known hours of operations.

Do They Entertain Walk-In Patients?
There should be provision for patients without appointment and include simple walk in for treatment or online check-in. It’s important to have a walk-in facility, without the requirement of a prior appointment to help you in case of an urgent care need.

Are the Providers Specialized & Experienced?
The medical team at a family care clinic must have a good experience, and should be experts in family medicine and urgent care.

Finding the correct family clinic is simple when you bear these elements in mind.

When rigorous schedules and constricted budgets complicate your health care requirements, you have an affordable, dependable option at 828 Urgent Care located in Oceanside, CA. Our family clinic offers a comprehensive range of services to take care of your every urgent care requirement in the shortest time possible.

To get in touch with our experienced medical practitioners, you can contact us at (760) 216-6253, just walk in or visit us online at 828 Urgent Care.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Cold and Flu Season 2017-2018

Cold and Flu Season 2017-2018

With cold and influenza(flu) season upon us, it’s time to take precautionary steps that might require a visit to an urgent medical care center. The following is an overview of these seasonal ailments that will lead to their better acquaintance and what safeguards you can take for their prevention.

Cold and Flu Season 2017-2018

Here are Some Tips to Protect Yourself from Flu

  • According to the recommendations by the CDC, everyone age 6 months or older should get vaccinated; this is the most important first step for protection against this serious ailment.

  • Apart from taking the seasonal flu vaccination shot, you need to take preventive actions on a daily basis, such as washing your hands to mitigate the spread of germs and also staying away from people down with sickness.

  • If indeed you are down with flu, take a break from work or school and stay at home so that you don’t spread the disease to others.

  • Additionally, there are antiviral drugs, the prescribed medications used for treating illnesses like influenza.

Flu Information for 2017-2018

Here are a few things that are new for this flu season:

  • For the 2017-2018 flu season, CDC has recommended use of the flu shots(inactivated influenza vaccine or IIV) or the recombinant influenza vaccine(RIV).

  • Th nasal spray flu vaccine should not be used this season.

  • Only injectable flu shots should be used this flu season.

  • A quadrivalent recombinant flu vaccine is available this season.

2017-2018 Flu Vaccines

Flu vaccines have been updated this season to match circulating viruses. This season flu vaccines include:

  • Standard-dose flu shots

  • High-dose shots recommended for older people
    Shots made with adjuvant recommended for older people

  • Shots made with virus that is grown in cell culture

  • Shots made with a vaccine production technology (recombinant vaccine) in which flu virus is not used

Viruses the 2017-2018 Flu Vaccines Will Protect Against

Flu viruses keep changing constantly. The composition of flu vaccines is updated annually to match flu viruses that are circulating. Flu vaccines help in protecting you against 3-4 viruses depending on the vaccine. For 2017-2018 flu season, it is recommended that three-component(trivalent) vaccines should contain:

  • An A/Michigan/45/2015 (H1N1)pdm09-like virus (updated)

  • A B/Brisbane/60/2008-like (B/Victoria lineage) virus

  • An A/Hong Kong/4801/2014 (H3N2)-like virus

Four-component(quadrivalent) vaccines protect against a second lineage of B viruses. They are recommended to contain the same viruses that the trivalent vaccines contain, along with a B/Phuket/3073/2013-like (B/Yamagata lineage) virus.

Flu Activity Timing

So far as timing of flu is concerned, it’s quite unpredictable, varying in different locations of the country and even season to season. Flu viruses that are seasonal have been detected right through the year; seasonal flu activity, in general, may begin early in October and continue as late as till May. Flu activity peaks between December-March most commonly in the US.

Flu Vaccination

You are strongly advised to be prompt in getting vaccinated against the flu so that you don’t spread it in your community. Once you get you get the vaccination, the antibodies that protect against flu take about two weeks to develop within the body. You should plan to get vaccinated as early as the fall season onset, that is, before flu season begins. CDC recommends getting vaccinated by October end, if possible. However, getting vaccinated anytime, even during the flu season, is beneficial, even as late as January or later.

Children require two doses of this vaccine for protection, so for them, the vaccination process should ideally be sooner, since the time gap between the two doses is at least four weeks.

5 Reasons to Pick Urgent Care over Emergency Room

Urgent Care over Emergency Room

Urgent care offers many benefits over and above fast and efficient healthcare. With longer hours than a traditional doctor’s office, urgent care clinics offer state of the art tools and testing facilities that can help you get the medical attention you need and be on your way in much less time than if you went to the ER. When you need medical attention, the first thing you should ask yourself is, “Is there an urgent care clinic near me?”

Urgent Care over Emergency Room

Difference Between an Urgent Care and the Emergency Room

There are many differences between an urgent care facility and most emergency rooms. Unlike an emergency room that is constantly packed, urgent care facilities provide the same type of services at a more relaxed pace. An urgent care facility is designed to offer medical assistance to cases that are mild to moderately severe. Emergency rooms, on the other hand, are more geared toward trauma care and life-threatening medical emergencies that need a higher degree of medical skill.

The following 5 reasons will help you answer the question, “Should I find the urgent care clinic near me instead of going to the ER.”

  • Immediate Test Results – There is a fully operational lab onsite that provides immediate test results for a comprehensive list of tests.

  • Costs Are Lower – Patients only pay for themselves and the overall cost of treatment isn’t deferred to others.

  • Doctors Offer Direct Care – In emergency rooms, most of the care is provided by nurses. At an urgent care facility, the doctor is the primary provider, performing the evaluation and overseeing any treatment options.

  • Urgent Care Is Cost-Effective – There are fewer unnecessary procedures and very little wasted time. The patient arrives and is seen within a much shorter period of time than if they had gone to an emergency room.

  • Non-Life Threatening – Urgent care and walk-in clinic specializes in the treatment of all types of non-threatening illnesses and injuries.

How Much Is an Urgent Care with Insurance?

An urgent care visit becomes even better and cheaper when you are covered by a health insurance plan. Almost all urgent cares accept all major health insurance policies such as Medicare, Tricare, AARP Medicare Complete Pro, Blue Cross, UMR, Humana, etc. An average cost of visiting a walk-in clinic in Oceanside, California should be around $100-150, depending on the patient’s co-pay and level of treatment. 70% of the patients visiting urgent care centers use health insurance and their only cost is a co-pay.

Residents living in Oceanside, California can visit 8-2-8 Urgent Care instead of making a trip to the emergency room. They are open every day of the year and offer state of the art treatment options.

Call us at (760) 216-6253 or simply walk-in any day without any appointment between 8 AM to 8 PM.

Why to Choose 8-2-8 Urgent Care Clinic in Oceanside, CA

Urgent Care Clinic

8-2-8 Urgent Care is an Oceanside walk in medical clinic for all your emergency healthcare needs. Whether you or your family members are hit by a minor disease like cold or flu, or by a more severe illness or injury such as fracture and laceration, we’re available for your help even when your primary care physician or pediatric clinic is out of service. We are a team of professional and experienced urgent care physicians available at your service every day, even holidays!

Urgent Care Clinic

At 8-2-8, we make your treatment experience easy and affordable. We accept most insurance plans, including Tricare and Medicare, and if you don’t have an insurance coverage, we offer a discounted self-pay fee, which is due at the time of service.

What We Attend To

We are the most easily available urgent care near you. We attend to and are capable of treating almost all kinds of minor and severe illnesses, including

  • Cough and cold, Vomiting and Flu
  • Aches, Pains and Fatigue
  • Work or home related injuries
  • Allergies, Bites and Rashes
  • Infections (Bladder, Kidneys, UTI, Eyes and Ears)
  • Children’s illness such as Earaches, Fever, and Eye problems

We provide comprehensive services for fever or flu-like symptoms, sprains and strains, broken bones, and also provide annual checkup plans at an affordable rate.

Senior people can find a home-like treatment with us and they will love it because they can come any day of the week and they’ll find a provider at their service.

At 8-2-8 urgent care, we also conduct physical exams for school, sports, driver’s license, camp, and DOT.

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Our additional services include employer drug testing, work injury treatment, and other occupational medicine services. Also, we proudly provide urgent care Camp Pendleton North, which includes health services for the Marines and Navy. We also offer our medical services to Carlsbad, Vista, and Fallbrook.

On-Site Digital X-Ray and Lab Services

We’re a state-of-the-art facility that offers digital X-ray services to assist in the diagnosis of your injury. These low radiation X-rays emit approximately 90% less radiation than the regular X-rays and are an excellent option when you need quick results. We perform these X-rays on-site for reviews and treatment, and you can also share them with your primary care physician, orthopedic surgeon, or another specialist.

Our walk in medical clinic also offers on-site laboratory testing services for a range of medical tests such as TB testing, bladder infection testing, UTI testing and treatment, Strep throat testing, herpes testing, STD testing (Sexually Transmitted Disease), and DOT drug testing. It saves you time and money by avoiding long hours of hospital waiting room.

You Don’t Need an Appointment

At 8-2-8 Urgent Care, we don’t require you to make an appointment. All you have to do is come by with whatever health condition you may have.

Just as you visit our walk in medical clinic, you’ll be seen by our PA’s and medical assistants. They will provide you with an instant primary checkup and first aid, if in need, and then arrange for an appointment with the physician for a full checkup. All of this will be done with minimal wait times. Our state-of-the-art center allows our team to take care of all your urgent care needs in the shortest time possible.

So, if you require urgent medical care for yourself or a family member, you don’t have to bother to think about the appointment, working day, waiting hours, etc. You just come to us between 8 AM and 8 PM, to avail the best in class urgent care service near you.

Call us at (760) 216-6253 for more information.